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Business Portraits

No matter what your profession, in the internet age it’s essential to have quality photos of yourself for online profiles and websites. The traditional route is the business headshot; typically on a solid color or neutral background and professionally lit.  This is a great start– it’s versatile and it works for Linkedin, staff web profiles and networking.
However, there are times when a casual, more personable look might be suit your needs better.  If you use Facebook or Twitter to keep in touch with both business and personal contacts, you may want to have a portrait that shows a bit of your personality or outside interests.  Both of these platforms have a combination of a long horizontal “cover image” with a square profile photo to fill.

These images are an investment in your brand– so I want you to love using them, and be absolutely confident in your choice. I’d be happy to help you plan and execute the look that’s right for you.  I provide a gallery of proofs to choose from, and retouching options are available as needed or desired.  Answers to common pre-shoot questions can be found here.  Feel free to contact me directly with wild ideas, or to discuss logistics.

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